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In your bag No: 339 – Wonho Lee

In your bag 339, Wonho Lee
Two bag for you today. With a completely insane amount of gear. But they are not all carried at once, which is a good thing otherwise Wonho would need back surgery.
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In your bag No: 338 – Marion Basilio

In your bag 338, Marion Basilio
A student bag for you today. This bag has a bit of everything inside for you all to have a gander at. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 337 – Luis Liwanag

In your bag 337, Luis Liwanag
I have a great little mix up bag for you from the Philippines today. This time from a full time street photographer. Come and have a look at this jumble of stuff.
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In your bag No: 334 – Jesse Kraal

In your bag 334, Jesse Kraal
Jesse has been on the site before, and now he is back with a change in his bag. It has become a lot more focussed on the large format, and this is a stunner of a bag shot.
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In your bag No: 328 – Jason Lecras

In your bag 328, Jason Lecras
We have a simple bag today. Nice and basic, but it still has everything you need to take great pictures. Come and have a look at this lovely bag.
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JCH Bagsml

In your bag No: 324 – Ian and Leena Bethune

In your bag 324, Ian and Leena Bethune
Todays bag is epic, massive and…a brother and sister combo bag. Yes, that is right a shared bag. This is not the first one, but it is certainly the biggest one. Come and have a look at this fantastic bag.
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In your bag No: 322 – Robert Pollai

In your bag 322, Robert Pollai
Now normally I wouldn’t feature a bag like this, as the description is too short and doesn’t have enough information. But I love the shot and I think it does have a place here. So here you go. Enjoy possibly the shortest bag shot ever.
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In your bag No: 319 – Laurie Crofoot

In your bag 319, Laurie Crofoot
Just look at this lovely bag. A great collection of classic and very capable cameras. Laurie has a great collection, so let’s see what they are used for. Check it out.
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In your bag No: 318 – James Taylor

In your bag 318, James Taylor
Lovely jubbly, a black and white bag shot for you all. And this one is Nikon-centric too! Come and have a look what James is shooting the streets with.
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In your bag No: 316 – Frits Vandenweghe

In your bag 316, Frits Vandenweghe
Todays bag is definitely a designers bag, just look at how it is laid out. Although, I still cannot see the bag anywhere. Still, this is a very nice little setup. Let’s see what it is all about.
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