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In my bag_Kevin Briggssml

In your bag No: 522 – Kevin J Briggs

In your bag No: 522, Kevin J Briggs
Kevin shares his with us his great studio style bag. This bag has it all, including one of my favourites, the X-pan. Seriously, I love this camera, especially with slide film. What a beauty.
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Tobias Bag-002sml

In your bag No: 510 – Tobias Grice

In your bag 510, Tobias Grice
A lovely simple black and white bag shot for you on Mothering Sunday. Check it out, and then go and take some pics of your mum and give her a hug (if you are able). Have a great day.
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Nelson's bag smsml

In your bag No: 505 – Nelson Tan

In your bag 505, Nelson Tan
Nelson’s bag is amazing, the kind of bag that I would happily carry around myself. I must admit I have not used an SWC and I would love to carry one around for a few days. Check out this great bag.
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In your bag No: 498 – Oliver Matich

In your bag 498, Oliver Matich
So close, we are nearly there. But we have a couple more bags to go and this one is fantastic. It is actually a dual bag set.
Check it out.
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In your bag No: 407 – Nuno Cruz

In your bag 407, Nuno Cruz
Todays bag is nice because it is about revisiting a place you used to know, which is something I like to do from time to time. Come and have a look at this great bag.
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In your bag No: 397 – Robert Graham

In your bag 397, Robert Graham
Robert brings us a very different bag today. This is a pinhole camera set up, not something that you see everyday. And what a cool set up it is. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 392 – Valentin Clavairolles

In your bag 392, Valentin Clavairolles
A huge bag for you today from France. This bag has a lot of everything in it, and looks like it is pretty damned heavy. Good job he is a young guy.
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