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Istanbul and the Turkish unrest by Simon Becker

┬ęSimon Becker
Istanbul and the Turkish unrest by Simon Becker
In case you have not been watching the news, there has been a series of protests in Turkey in the last few weeks over the proposed demolition of the Taksim Gezi Park. This has been extensively covered by the western media, but in my opinion it is rarely seen from a personal point of view, and more from a mass media point of view. Images that sell papers and polarize public opinion. I felt that it is important to share these images to really see the impact of what is happening in Istanbul.
A while ago I featured the work of a very talented young photographer by the name of Simon Becker. When Simon came to visit Japan we struck up a friendship and have kept in touch ever since. Earlier this year Simon told me that he would be spending a few months in Istanbul for his photography and that I would be welcome to join him. Unfortunately I was unable to make it due to family commitments (now I really wish I had gone), but we kept in touch regularly and when the protests broke out I was concerned for his safety. Simon knows how to look after himself though and has been documenting the situation as it unfolds from a personal and close up perspective, from a point of view that is more like a local than a visiting cameraman.
This is Simon’s story of the protests in Istanbul.
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