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Awesome camera parody video feat: Irwin Wong and Mijonju

Posted on by Bellamy

Irwin Wong feat. Mijonju: “I wanna be a cameraman” My good mates Irwin Wong and Mijonju have released another video. This time I am not in it, but that doesn’t matter because it is still awesome. Check it out.

In your bag #14 – Irwin Wong

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 14, Irwin from Australia Well well, we have a special bag today. Apart from it being the bag of a good mate, it is a professional jobbing photographers bag, so it is interesting to see what a working photographer is using. Irwin is an Aussie who is working as a photographer […]

Pay Me feat. Irwin W. (Justin Bieber Parody)

Posted on by Bellamy

A fun little video made by my mate Irwin Wong, featuring a very handsome Japancamerahunter (look out of the fat spanner with the silly hat). Unfortunately I now have this bloody tune running around my head. Check out his site here. Cheers Japancamerahunter

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