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Down, Guadalajara , Jalisco, 2010

Featured Photographer – Emilio Banuelos

Featured photographer, Emilio Banuelos
I was recently luckily enough to be introduced to Emilio Banuelos and his stunning photography. Emilio works as an editorial photographer and a teacher of photography, and we are lucky enough to have him on the site. His street work covers important social issues and shows us a side of the street that many shy away from. I hope you enjoy this work as much as I do.
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Insider interview: Andrew Chan of SLRMagic

Insider interview: Andrew Chan of SLR Magic
while I was in Hong Kong I got the chance to talk to a guy I have wanted to meet for a while. Andrew Chan really is passionate about what he does and I got the chance to learn a little bit about that. I hope you enjoy this interview.
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Featured photographer – Oscar Hernandez

Featured photographer, Oscar Hernandez
Oscar’s photography really caught my eye on flickr recently. Oscar uses a very interesting flash technique and has a very determined style, which is why I wanted to feature him on the site.
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