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Interview with a collector – Arato Ogura

Interview with a collector, Arato Ogura
Today I have an interview for you that I have wanted to have on the site for a very long time. Arato Ogura has not only got a stunning collection, but a wealth of knowledge. Lets have a look see.
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Leica IIIfsml

Interview with a collector/photographer – Jason Howe

Interview with a collector/photographer, Jason Howe
JCH has an interesting little interview for you today. Not only is Jason a photographer, but a collector too. I noticed that he has quite a remarkable Olympus in his collection, so I thought it would be great to hear a little bit more about it. Check it out.
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Nippon Kogaku 1961 Black Nikon Freg

Interview with a collector – Patrick O’Brien

Interview with a collector, Patrick O’Brien
Sometimes I get requests from people to show their gear, and I am always open to these. But this one really caught my eye, because the collector, Patrick O’Brien, is so young, yet has such an impressive collection. Lets have a look at Patrick’s cameras…
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Exakta Varex VX 10sml

Interview with a collector – Suleyman Demir

Interview with a collector. Mr. S├╝leyman Demir
In the continuation of this series we have another great interview for you. This time with a collector who has two overriding passions in his life. Cameras and Cacti. We are going to have a look into Mr. Demir’s cameras…
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Interview with a collector – Jon Mitchell

Interview with a collector, Mr. Jon Mitchell
One thing I have wanted to do more of is interviews with hardcore collectors and people who are passionate about cameras. Fortunately one of my good friends in just this. He also happens to take the most beautiful camera porn I have ever seen. So, here is my mini interview with Jon. Step this way to see more hardcore camera porn…
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