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The Grand Prix edition Nikon FA

You have to wonder what Nikon was thinking when it made this camera
This camera was produced by Nikon to commemorate the Nikon FA’s selection as the winner of the camera industry’s most prestigious award, “The Camera Grand Prix ’84″.
Gold camera
This camera is slathered in gold, and I do mean real gold, it actually features a 24 Karat gold plating over all of the main body parts of the camera. Even the lens cover has gold plated lettering, it is a pretty impressive piece of workmanship. The lens also features a gold ring. This is complemented by a covering of lizard leather on the grip of the camera.
This is not really the sort of camera that you could actually use in any realistic sense, unless you consider yourself to be the ultimate showoff. The camera looks as if it is waiting to be scratched and mangled, which is a shame, as it is actually an excellent camera.

When this camera was released the camera came with Nikkor club membership, a branded Nikkor chamois leather, a Nikon wallet and was presented in a stunning Paulownia wooden presentation box with purple velvet. As it goes it was a very impressive presentation and gave you the impression of workmanship and class. Until you realized you had actually bought a gold camera.

This is not what you could call a run of the mill camera, but it does have its own appeal and is very popular amongst collectors. This is not actually the first of these that I have found, as there are a number of collectors who have requested it. But, I found it, and by jingo it is a nice one.

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I love gooooooooooooold!

I picked up some fantastic things at the camera fair, including this: Wow, it’s so damned gold!

The camera fair was weird, not a success in that I didn’t get the item that I was looking for, which sucked, but I did come away with some fantastic consolation prizes. These are the sorts of things that you can find there, and if you are polite enough and have a bit of Japanese then you can get a good price too.

The Gold Anniversary Nikon FA from the camera Grand Prix 1984

Pretty cool huh? A gold camera, that is like the ultimate bling for someone like me. And is the third gold camera that I have had in my inventory. Though this is already off to a customer, so I thought I should get some shots of it before it went.

I also came away with something really special, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it in the case and just had no choice but to grab it…

Boxed, mint, unused Nikon F3 Limited!

Yup, an unused F3 Limited. I mean, you never see those anywhere. But you do in Japan, this place is amazing. And that is what I love, that I can ge these things for people. This is also off to a very very happy customer, but I had to get some pics of this one too.

I mean, how beautiful is that? Just gorgeous.

All in all, I am pretty happy with what I got there (I got loads and loads more than this, but these were the prize items). I am always looking and would be happy to look for you if you wanted something stunning. Drop me a mail through the contact page and we can work it all out.