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Nelson's bag smsml

In your bag No: 505 – Nelson Tan

In your bag 505, Nelson Tan
Nelson’s bag is amazing, the kind of bag that I would happily carry around myself. I must admit I have not used an SWC and I would love to carry one around for a few days. Check out this great bag.
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In your bag No: 501 – Robert Kittel

In your bag 501- Robert Kittel
Robert is back, again. He has been on here a couple of times before(here and here), but each time his bag has been different. Now he has another bag for us, and it is lovely.
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In your bag: The Top 10

In your bag: The Top 10
Seeing as we have just had the five hundredth bag shot, I thought it might be nice to list the top ten most popular bag shots that have been on the site. And you might be surprised as to the results. I have decided to list them from 10 to 1, so as to keep the suspense (and because that is how they did it on top of the pops).
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In your bag No: 495 – Thomas Roessler

In your bag 495, Thomas Roessler
Thomas has a bag, wait, no, he has a belt. A batman style utility belt, but for a camera! How awesome is that? Come and have a look.
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Japancamerahunter Soft Releases

Japancamerahunter Soft Releases
I don’t know about you, but I love a good soft release…oooer. But seriously, I do rather like having a soft release button on my camera. I feel like it gives me more control and makes for faster shooting. An added bonus is that it personalizes your camera, which I think a great many of us like to do. As a result of this I have been working with the great Luke Satoru to produce JCH soft releases.
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In your bag No: 493 – Jeremy Krumsick

In your bag 493, Jeremy Krumsick
Jeremy brings us a mental street beast of a bag. Carrying around a 67 for street work is going to make you fit, and the shutter is like a thunderclap, but that doesn’t put Jeremy off. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 491 – Riandy Satria Putra

In your bag 491, Riandy Satria Putra
Riandy brings us a total beach bag. Sand between his toes and a bag full of film goodies. Come and relax a while with this great bag shot.
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In your bag No: 490 – Peter Ross

In your bag 490, Peter Ross
10 more to go and then we reach the magic 500! But there are still some great bags coming in. Today Peter shares hims bag with us from Germany. Check it out.
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In your bag No: 488 – Daniel Cuthbert

In your bag 488, Daniel Cuthbert
Daniel is about to go on his travels (at time of writing he is probably well through them now) and has selected a pretty cool bag to share with us. Come and have a look at this great setup.
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