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In your bag No: 358 – Jon Clay

2 min read

In your bag 358, Jon Clay Todays bag is lovely and simple. The bare essentials. Which is great because the bare essentials also happen to contain one of my film cases. Jolly good.

In your bag No: 352 – Alex Hime

4 min read

In your bag 352, Alex Hime Wow, they are really coming along. Not long until we have number 365! Alex has a fantastic bag for us today. All the way from LA. Welcome to the jungle…

In your bag number 142, Alessandro Reginato After yesterdays awesome shot I thought it might be difficult to come up with something that is comparable, but I have found this one. And it is fantastic. Check out this well thought out bag.

In your bag number 101, Edwin Van Nuil We reached a milestone yesterday, with the 100th bag, but we must carry on. So here is no 101, all the way from Holland. Check out Mr. Van Nuil’s bag, a rather fetching Thinktank. Over to you Edwin…

In your bag #67 – Cody Priebe

3 min read

In your bag number 67, Cody Priebe Todays ‘In your bag’ comes from Cody in Canada. Cody sent me a mail to show me his bag on Flickr and I asked him to send it here, so he has and here it is…