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Get Featured: Fabien Lefevre

2 min read

Get Featured: Fabien Lefevre Fabien shares with us his work and his thoughts on the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, and the protests that followed in its wake.

Get Featured: Kocha

2 min read

Get Featured: Kocha Kocha has an interesting series to share with us, delving into time and space. Oh, and a bag too. Check it out.

Get featured: Geoff Roughton

4 min read

Get Featured: Geoff Roughton Geoff shares with us his work that documents his recovery from a serious medical condition. Tim decided to use photography as part of his rehabilitation and these are the results. Come and check out this very personal series of images.

Get Featured: Anastasia Petukhova Anastasia shares with us her fascinating piece about trying to capture a ballet group in action and the transition of her work whilst doing so.

Get Featured: Theo Paul Santana

3 min read

Get Featured: Theo Paul Santana The Paul Santana shares with us work showing a side of Shaghai that you don’t see in the glitzy images of the city. This is the other side of the city, where the people that have not been part of the great push forward have to live.

Get Featured: Justin Block

2 min read

Get Featured: Justin Block Justin shares with us his gig shots. Although they are not quite what you normally see. A study in retaining the emotions felt at a gig. Check it out.

Get Featured: Jack Allan

2 min read

Get Featured: Jack Allan Something a bit different from the norm today, a bit more conceptual. Jack has a project to share with us about learning to understand himself through zen and trees. Read on and understand more.

Get Featured: Desmond Tang

2 min read

Get Featured: Desmond Tang Desmond shares with us his strong black and white work, documenting the lives of people on the China Russia border.  Lots of images in this one. Check it out.

Get Featured: Fernando Eleazar

2 min read

Get Featured: Fernando Eleazar Fernando shares with us his work from the demonstrations on the streets of Mexico city. I am always interested by work that shows the public making their voices clear.

Get Featured: Philipp Wortman

2 min read

Get Featured: Philipp Wortman Philipp Wortman shares with us his project documenting a road trip through the USA. I have a soft spot for these as I have been on a couple of road trips in the US and I love them. Check it out.