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Get Featured: Desmond Tang

2 min read

Get Featured: Desmond Tang Desmond shares with us his strong black and white work, documenting the lives of people on the China Russia border.  Lots of images in this one. Check it out.

Get Featured: Fernando Eleazar

2 min read

Get Featured: Fernando Eleazar Fernando shares with us his work from the demonstrations on the streets of Mexico city. I am always interested by work that shows the public making their voices clear.

Get Featured: Philipp Wortman

2 min read

Get Featured: Philipp Wortman Philipp Wortman shares with us his project documenting a road trip through the USA. I have a soft spot for these as I have been on a couple of road trips in the US and I love them. Check it out.

Get Featured: Jake Campbell

2 min read

Get Featured: Jake Campbell Jake shares with us a project that tries to to document his move to a new country and culture. No matter where we go, we can always find a common threat that binds us. Check it out.

Get Featured: Jeffrey Kerekes

4 min read

Get Featured: Jeffrey Kerekes Sometimes the bond between someone and the place they live in can be extremely strong. Jeffrey shares with us his bond to New Haven. Check out this interesting project.