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In your bag #19 Shashinka Ichiban

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 19, Shashinka Ichiban from the USA Hello there fine people, sorry for the break in service, website issues made it impossible to post anything for a while. But we are back, and ready with another bag submission. This time we have a bag from the USA, from a rather distinguished guest. […]

In your bag #7 – Roberto Nania

Posted on by Bellamy

Bag no.7 and it is coming from Genoa in Italy This bag belongs to Roberto Nania, who hails from Genoa in Italy. Roberto is rocking a classic Domke F3-X in black, which is battered and bruised, making it all the more desirable. Let’s let Roberto tell us more: This bag is very important to me […]

In your bag #4 – Matt Luttmer

Posted on by Bellamy

Bag shot number 4 and we have an interesting B&W shot for you Thanks to Matt Luttmer for sending todays bag shot in. Matt is a photographer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He shoots medium format and 35mm film. This is Matt’s everyday bag, so lets see what is inside. In Matt’s own words… Lets start […]

In your bag #1 – Ryan Cabal

Posted on by Bellamy

Here we have the very first ‘in your bag’ feature. Well done Ryan Ryan Cabal is an American living in South Korea. He got into cameras because of the infamous Mijonju. He met him back in 2009 through making trick videos with a Japanese wooden toy called a Kendama. Back then, all Ryan had was […]

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