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In your bag #169 – Kasper Løftgaard

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 169, Kasper Løftgaard A lovely bag from Denmark for you today. Check out all of those cameras. It seems that lately there is a bit of a race as to how many cameras one person can stuff into their bag. Let’s have a look what is in this one…

In your bag #159 – Dr. Alfred Weidinger

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 159, Dr. Alfred Weidinger The doctor is in the house! Dr. Weidinger has been kind enough to share his bag and the details of his fantastic photo project with us. There is also a very special camera in this bag. So lets see what the Doctor has in his bag…

In your bag #122 – Michael DeAngelis

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 122, Michael DeAngelis What an awesome bag shot we have today, seriously, this is a level of dedication that you don’t often see. The layout is stunning, the cameras are stunning. This is a masterpiece. Come and see what is in this bag…

Happy Birthday JapanCameraHunter

Posted on by Bellamy

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me…. It is one year to the day since the inception of JapanCamerahunter, and in that time it has changed a lot. So, in celebration of one year, here is a little post with some of my favourite bits…

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