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The Unsung Heroes of 35mm Photography – Part I (SLRs) by Dan K In this article Dan K follows up on his popular article Dan K’s Top 10 SLRs [http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2013/06/dan-ks-top-10-manual-film-slrs/]. This time, he explores the cameras that are unappreciated by collectors and neglected most reviewers, but remain outstanding choices for the budget-minded enthusiast.

In your bag No: 600 – Dan K

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In your bag No: 600, Dan K Wow, 600 bag shots! Another milestone. And in honour of that we have a very special bag today. Dan K is back and with a spiffing bag for us. This one is a bit special and bigger than usual, with technical breakdowns and some shots taken with the […]

A buyers guide to e-Bay by Dan K Dan is back, and this time he chips in on the eBay debate. As many of you may know I am not a big fan of the site, but it has its uses. Dan outlines the typical challenges and pitfalls, and how you can avoid them.