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Camera Geekery: Custom Cameras & Lenses

Camera Geekery: Custom Cameras & Lenses I love cameras, anyone who knows me or the site knows that much to be true. But I really really love personalised cameras, custom cameras. There is something really special about seeing how people want to represent their character in their equipment. I get the chance to help people […]

The JCH Leica M2 Patina Edition *Update*

The JCH Leica M2 Patina Edition *Update* You might remember the Patina edition camera that I had made last month. Well, I felt that it wasn’t finished and it wasn’t really looking the way I had really wanted, so I went back to the drawing board and now it is finally complete.

Camera Repainting and Modification A while ago I made a post about the great Kanto camera, and some of the services they offer. Well, I liked their service so much and I was so impressed with what they had on offer I decided to get something done for myself. A little reward for all of […]