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In your bag No: 357 – Benjamin Aw

3 min read

In your bag 357, Benjamin Aw Now this is a whopper of a bag! The ‘frankenbag’, this one is holding just about the whole world. Well, at least Ben’s world. Come and see.

In your bag 353, Griffin Simm Ooooh, now this is nice. An original Crumpler bag to share with you. The original ones are wonderfully made and look awesome. Griffin has a cool set up to keep in his Crumpler. Check it out.

In your bag No: 333 – Mark Reeves

3 min read

In your bag 333, Mark Reeves Todays bag is really simple and really nice. A totally simple Leica bag that does everything that it needs to do without being overly stuffed. Check it out.

In your bag 292, Petr Vorel Todays bag is really nice, and Petr should definitely not ba ashamed of it. Definitely an artists bag, lets have a look at what Petr has inside…