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My favourite finds Pt.1

I find a lot of beautiful items, here are some of the best
As the camera hunter I get to find some pretty nice bits of kit. A lot of cameras come and go, but some of them really stand out. I never get tired of doing this but sometimes there are real highlights to doing the job. Here is a selection of my personal favourite finds that I have been lucky enough to come across since I have been doing this.
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The Contax T2 – the killer compact

There is another contender on the compact scene, the T2
Recently it has all been about the Ricoh GR1, but what everyone forgets is that there is a very famous rival out there, which can certainly trade punches with the GR. So lets have a look at the T2.
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Camera porn weekend

The weekend is here, and its bloody pouring down. Typhoon season means more time indoors…

The more time indoors, the less time that I have to go out shooting or buying or scavenging, as a consequence of this I spend more time taking pictures of the cameras that I currently have. So not all is lost really, I mean, you get your porn and I get to mess around with some pretty nice stuff.

Anyway, less waffling and more pictures;

Mmmmm, shiny

I decided not to label the cameras this time, you can guess what they are, which is part of the fun.

You sexy beast

That one is pretty obvious, but it looks nice. I am not really sure I would have the confidence to rock out with a gold camera, but it has a certain hipster crass bling appeal and wouldn’t look out of place in a wanky art gallery.

Just a bit of fun really

Cant get enough of these cameras, they are so easy to use and just so damned friendly. I could happily carry one around with me all day. Right then, last one, I am hungry and despite the rain I am going to have to venture out to fill my belly. There should be more stuff up in the next couple of days, including a really interesting little kit camera that I recently acquired. You can see me make a monkey out of myself as I try to build the damn thing.

This one is pretty easy….Return of the deceptecons

Keep on coming and come and see my e-bay site too, these are all up for sale.


Contax compact cameras are awesome

Contax compact cameras are awesome
How did a boring Japanese company make things as pretty as this? Who knows, but Contax made some fine cameras, and here are a few of them.
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