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In your bag 256, Omer Mohammed A very nice multifunctional bag for you all today. And it is all the way from Qatar too! Not often we get backs from the middle east. Come and have a look at this great bag.

Shinjuku Camera Fair – Day 2 report Day 2 is over and it was a quiet day. Most of the super items have gone, courtesy of the fleet of buyers that descended on the show on the first day. But there are still a few great items there, so here is a rundown of what […]

Shinjuku Camera Fair – 1st day Well, the first day of the camer fair has started and there were some surprises in store.I was there for the start, although this time I was on a purely recreational basis. Come and find out what I saw.

Kanto Camera – My new favourite store There are a lot of wonderful camera shops in the greater Tokyo area, but this one really stands out. Kanto camera are based in Kawasaki, and you really need to go there if you ever have the chance. Read on…

Interview with a collector, Arato Ogura Today I have an interview for you that I have wanted to have on the site for a very long time. Arato Ogura has not only got a stunning collection, but a wealth of knowledge. Lets have a look see.

In your bag #243 – Luke Ding

2 min read

In your bag number 243, Luke Ding A great bag from Malaysia for you all today. Luke has a great collection of Nikon cameras and he is happy to share them with you. Come and have a look at a street photographers bag.

In my bag….my buying bag

2 min read

In my bag…my buying bag I have been asked by several people what I carry around when I am out on the hunt, so I thought I would show you what I was using today. Come and have a peek inside my super buyers bag…

In your bag number 241, Patrick O’Brien Patrick has been on this site before, when he showed us his collection. Well, he is back again and this time he is showing us what is inside his bag. Let’s have a look shall we?

In your bag #235 – N K

7 min read

In your bag number 235, N K Today we have a mysterious bag shot. N K has put together one of the best bag shot compilations that I have ever seen. A complete set of shots and it even has a JCH number plate! How cool is that?

My favourite finds Pt.2

5 min read

My favourite finds Pt.2 In part 2 of this series I am going to share with you the rest of my favourite finds that I have come across since I have been Japancamerahunter. It is always exciting to find a special item and these are the ones that really got my pulse racing.