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In your bag No: 289 – Damien Philips

In your bag 289, Damien Philips
A lovely simple bag and simple description for you all today. Damien has not social media, not complicated set up, no overloading, just a simple bag and a simple description. Just what the doctor ordered.
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In your bag No: 285 – Andrea Pirisi

In your bag 285, Andrea Pirisi
A lovely bag for you from Italy. This bag has a whole range of gear inside, including a lovely and desirable Polaroid land camera. Come and have a look see.
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In your bag No: 277 – Jonathan Goh

In your bag 277, Jonathan Goh
We have a lovely bag for you today, with one of my personal favourite Nikon cameras inside. Check out Jonathan’s simple bag.
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Digital cameras I want to see

Digital cameras that I want to see
Photokina has got everyone buzzing, with the new releases from Leica and all of that jazz, there has been an influx of new cameras on the market, some of the great some of them not so great. Seeing as everyone has chucked their tuppence into the ring about the new releases I thought I would write something with a different spin…
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ICS World used camera fair 2012

The ICS 2012 camera fair is almost upon us
Yes, another camera fair, and this time from the ICS group. This is one of the smaller fairs and it is only a two day affair, but there will be plenty of things to see and buy there.
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In your bag No: 272 – Michael Thomason

In your bag 272, Michael Thomason
Todays bag is a lovely set up from the wilds of the Canadian prairies. And what a bag it is, just look at all of that lovely gear. Over to you Michael…
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In your bag No: 270 – Joe Aguirre

In your bag 270, Joe Aguirre
Today we have a bag that I have been meaning to feature for a while. Joe is a top guy with a passion for cameras and cats. I am really glad to be able to feature this bag. Check it out!
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In your bag #264 – Travis Mortz

In your bag 264, Travis Mortz
Todays bag is a bit of a medium format bonanza. So many pretty cameras in one bag and so many different ways to shoot. This bag must be a lot of fun. Check it out.
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In your bag #263 – Dilraj Singh

In your bag 263, Dilraj Singh
I have a repeat bag for you today, well kind of. Dilraj was featured as number #136 and now he is back with a new setup. And it is a pretty cool one. Come and have a look.
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In your bag #256 – Omer Mohammed

In your bag 256, Omer Mohammed
A very nice multifunctional bag for you all today. And it is all the way from Qatar too! Not often we get backs from the middle east. Come and have a look at this great bag.
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