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In your bag 381, David Bromley David has been on the site before. A while back he gave us a fantastic little piece about how to develop your own b&w film. Now David is back and he has his bag to share with us all. Come and have a look at this great setup.

In your bag 366, Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy And normal service is resumed. For those of you that thought we would stop at 365, that is not going to happen. Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy has been kind enough to share his bag with us today. Lets have a look what’s inside…hint, it isn’t Canon.

In your bag No: 359 – Allan Uhlmann

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In your bag 359, Allan Uhlmann Todays bag is especially lovely, because it contains a camera that I found. Come and have a look at this lovely Nikon heavy bag.