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In your bag No: 592 – Denis Lincoln

In your bag No: 592, Denis Lincoln
Wait, another bag from the U.S. of A? Yes indeed. Denis prowls the streets of SF with this multi-camera bag with a purpose, and that purpose is street photography. Though he should be careful, or he won’t have those cameras for long…come and find out why.
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In your bag No: 587 – Hamish Gill

In your bag No: 586 – Hamish Gill
Hamish has been a long time supporter of the site, but this is the first time we have actually had the chance to check out his gear. And what a great mix of gear he has. Come and check it out.
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In your bag No: 580 – Dmitri Popov

In your bag No: 580, Dmitri Popov
Todays bag has not only a couple of cool cameras, but a pretty cool little box of tricks too. Come and check out Dmitri’s bag to see what I mean.
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Morag Fyfe-Lucas In Your Bagsml

In your bag No: 579 – Morag Fyfe-Lucas

In your bag No: 579, Morag Fyfe-Lucas
Hold the press! We have a lady bag today. It is not often we see these on the site, but Morag has been kind enough to share hers with us. Come and have a look at this great mix of film and digital.
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In your bag No: 578 – Jose Cordova

In your bag No: 578, Jose Cordova
It seems only apt in light of recent news from Fuji that the bag that came up was a completely digital Fuji setup. This is a really nice and simple setup, coming to you from the USA.
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In your bag No: 577 – Rainer Duesmann

In your bag No: 577, Rainer Duesmann
Todays shot is a double. Yes a double bag shot. Rainer shares with us both of his bags, his gear and his passion for photography. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 576 – Joakim Lundgren

In your bag No: 576, Joakim Lundgren
Wait, where is the bag? Today we have a bagshot without a bag, as Joakim will explain to us. Simple is pretty much the best description for this one.
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In your bag No: 575 – Christopher Sartain

In your bag No: 575, Christopher Sartain
Check this out, today we have a twins bag. Christopher’s brother was featured recently and now it is Christopher’s turn to share his bag. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 574 – Stephan Spiegelberg

In your bag No: 574, Stephan Spiegelberg
Stephan was one of the first bag shots, way back when. And he has decided to come out of the shadows and share with us his latest incarnation. Check out this epic bag.
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In your bag No: 571 – Joakim Fjeldli

In your bag No: 571, Joakim Fjeldli
Today we have a very cool bag from Norway. A very nice and simple mix of film, digital and wood flooring. Come and check out this journalists bag.
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