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In your bag No: 692 – Alexander Ruas

In your bag No: 692, Alexander Ruas
A brilliant bag shot….wait, no bag. Again. Alexander admits to having a bag, but it is too knackered to show. No bag is too knackered. Show them. In fact, new rule, if you don’t have a bag somewhere in the shot, then it will not go up. Read on…
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In your bag No: 686 – Lorenzo Razzino

In your bag No: 686, Lorenzo Razzino
It is always nice to have a peep inside the bag of someone who makes a living from photography, and today we do just that. Lorenzo is a photojournalist based in Paris and he has his work bag on display for us. Check it out.
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In your bag No: 675 – Thorsten von Overgaard Pt: 1

In your bag No: 675, Thorsten von Overgaard Pt: 1
Now this is a bag post I have been after for some time. I asked Thorsten to do this a while back and I know that being and international man of photography he is very busy, so I a really pleased that he has been able to put a bag post together for us. And what a bag post…
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