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Dodge and Burn Prints *UPDATE*

Dodge and Burn Prints
Ted over at Dodge and Burn HQ has been a very busy man, what with the huge popularity of his T-shirts and new releases coming all the time. And now he has put out something lovely for all you camera buffs. The new Dodge and Burn Evolution TLR prints. And you have the chance to win one!
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The Leica M3 Olive Bundeseigentum

Leica M3 Olive Bundeseigentum
Every now and again I get the honour of being able to find very very special items for my clients, and this really was one of them. The absolutely stunning Original Olive M3 Bundeseigentum.
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In your bag No: 420 – Dale Murray

In your bag 420, Dale Murray
Dale brings us an interesting bag from the UK. Dale may be young, but he already has the film bug and he knows what he wants to shoot with. Check it out.
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Hasselblad system review – Trevor Saylor

Hasselblad system review – Trevor Saylor
After Trevors last pieces he has decided to give us a review on the Hasselblad camera system (more specifically the 501CM). If you are not familiar with the square format this should be a nice little introduction for you.
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The 2012 roundup

Top posts of 2012
Well, that was 2012. We didn’t all burn up in a Mayan prophecy and the global markets didn’t completely fall apart. So what was happening on JCH? Well, a lot was happening. Here are some of the top posts of 2012 for you condensed pleasure.
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Visiting Tokyo? Then go here…

Visiting Tokyo? Then go here…
Some of you might remember that I wrote a little buyers guide for camera shopping in Tokyo. Well, there was a map attached to that, which may have been overlooked by some. So here is is again.
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Fuji X-Pro 1 review

Fuji X-Pro 1 Review
Deandre Scott is a a friend and photographer in Tokyo, whom I often bump into in the street. He shoots both digital and film. For a while now he has been shooting the X-Pro 1 and I wanted to get his thoughts on the camera. And here they are. Thanks Deandre Continue reading


In your bag No: 360 – Martin Lux

In your bag 360, Martin Lux
Todays bag is pretty tasty. Two bags in fact, and in monochrome no less. Very arty. Come and have a look at what Martin is using in his bags.
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JCH visits Manila

JCH visits Manila
As many of you may know, I went to Manila for a spot of business a couple of weeks back. I was only there for a very short time, but I came back with a great impression. Let me tell you about it. Continue reading

In my Bag

In your bag No: 359 – Allan Uhlmann

In your bag 359, Allan Uhlmann
Todays bag is especially lovely, because it contains a camera that I found. Come and have a look at this lovely Nikon heavy bag.
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