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Leica IIIfsml

Interview with a collector/photographer – Jason Howe

Interview with a collector/photographer, Jason Howe
JCH has an interesting little interview for you today. Not only is Jason a photographer, but a collector too. I noticed that he has quite a remarkable Olympus in his collection, so I thought it would be great to hear a little bit more about it. Check it out.
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Interview with a collector – Denny Narciso

Interview with a collector, Denny Narciso
Whilst browsing the cameraporn on Flickr recently I was struck by the collection of one guy The Olympus Camera Collector. With a name like that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to contact him and see what he is all about.
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Nippon Kogaku 1961 Black Nikon Freg

Interview with a collector – Patrick O’Brien

Interview with a collector, Patrick O’Brien
Sometimes I get requests from people to show their gear, and I am always open to these. But this one really caught my eye, because the collector, Patrick O’Brien, is so young, yet has such an impressive collection. Lets have a look at Patrick’s cameras…
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Exakta Varex VX 10sml

Interview with a collector – Suleyman Demir

Interview with a collector. Mr. S├╝leyman Demir
In the continuation of this series we have another great interview for you. This time with a collector who has two overriding passions in his life. Cameras and Cacti. We are going to have a look into Mr. Demir’s cameras…
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