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Show us your film : The grain abides I have some more for you. This time a personal collection, a collections so massive it needs an excel document and a completed darkroom. Check it out.

Film news: Kodak Lomo and Fujifilm

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Film news: Kodak Lomo and Fujifilm This week has been a very big week in the world of film. I want to have a look at what has happened and give some thoughts on what it means for us, the users.

Film news! – New film from CineStill With recent great news from Ferrania, there is more good news on the horizon. A surprising film stock with very interesting characteristics. Come and learn more

More awesomeness from GradeSelect As you all may know, I love the ‘Buy Film Not Megapixels’ shirts and stickers from Gradeselect. I find it especially amusing when I am wearing the shirt and I have a digital camera in my hand (for testing, of course)…Anyway, I just got some lovely new things in the post […]

Dodge and Burn T-shirts

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Dodge and Burn T-shirts I got some great T-shirts in the post the other day, which always makes me happy. Dodge and burn are making some great shirts with classic camera designs.