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Developing photography projects – Trevor Saylor

Developing photography projects – Trevor Saylor
Photographer Trevor Saylor has been kind enough to share with us his experience in developing photography projects. I hope that Trevor will be a regular contributor to the site in the future.
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Take pictures again – 8 methods to beat the blues

How to get out of a photography rut
From time to time many of us will find ourselves in a rut, either in photography term or otherwise. Now, I am not a counsellor, so I am really able to help you with your other problems, but I can help you with your photography ones….maybe…
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Personal Projects – By Colin Corneau

Personal Projects
In our latest guest contribution, Colin Corneau talks to us about personal projects and how to give yourself a boost when you are in a slump.
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Alternative inspiration – by Jerome Arfouche

Alternative inspiration sources for photographers
Jerome has very kindly written another article for us, this time on how to keep inspiration and how to find inspiration.
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What is photographic style – Jerome Arfouche

What is photographic style
The latest piece from Jerome Arfouche, this time talking about photographic style and how to define yours. Please comment and share your thoughts.
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The Medium Pt 2 – Why I prefer film

Jerome Arfouche lays it down for us
Here is the second installment of ‘The Medium’ by Jerome Arfouche. In this piece Jerome will go over why he chooses film, and how it shapes his work. Don’t forget to comment. Tell us how you feel about this subject.
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The Medium Pt 1 – Why film and digital are the same

Are they the same? Who cares?
We have another piece by guest writer Jerome Arfouche for you. This piece is the first in a four part series that wil be spread out over the next week or so. I would really like to hear comments on this. Share your thoughts with us.
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What to do during winter – By Jerome Arfouche

-12 in the morning, going to work
We have another new writer for you today. This is an article by Jerome Arfouche, who has offered to give us a piece about how to deal with the long cold winter, that saps the creative energy from a lot of us.I hope it gives you all some fresh ideas on how to deal with winter.
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New year? Time for a project

Isn’t it about time you started something?
So, welcome to 2012, and what a year it is going to be. Announcements from all of the makers about new products and all that jazz, but for me the most important thing at the end of the day is using that equipment. Sometimes you need to have a little bit of discipline and a project could just be the best thing for that.
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