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In your bag number 241, Patrick O’Brien Patrick has been on this site before, when he showed us his collection. Well, he is back again and this time he is showing us what is inside his bag. Let’s have a look shall we?

In your bag number 236, Christian Nilson Todays bag comes from one of my happy customers. Christian lives in Switzerland and has a lovely bag set for us. Lets have a look at what he shoots with…

In your bag #200 – Royze

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In your bag number 200, Royze Well, we have reached number 200. A little milestone right there. So, in light of this my friend Royze has very kindly agreed to answer some questions and talk about his gear in a bit more detail. Check it out.

In your bag number 167, Sean Keenan Now I don’t usually post bags that have little information about the owner, I want people to know about the person behind the bag. But this one was just too good to pass up. Have a look at that bag…It has everything!