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In your bag No: 322 – Robert Pollai

In your bag 322, Robert Pollai
Now normally I wouldn’t feature a bag like this, as the description is too short and doesn’t have enough information. But I love the shot and I think it does have a place here. So here you go. Enjoy possibly the shortest bag shot ever.
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In your bag No: 317 – Robb Hohmann

In your bag 317, Robb Hohmann
Wow, just wow. Look at this amazing bag we have for you today. A Hasselblad lovers dream. It has just about everything inside. Check it out.
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In your bag No: 303 – Marco Castelvecchio

In your bag 303, Marco Castelvecchio
Marco brings us a bag which spans Europe today. With a nice mixture of digital and film, this is a bag that travels well and has everything that Marco needs. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 302 – Joe Logan

In your bag 302, Joe Logan
Todays bag comes from a convert to film photography, and he has some lovely bits in his bag. Come and have a look at what Joe uses to shoot with.
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In your bag No: 287 – Mitchell Canfield

In your bag 287, Mitchell Canfield
We have a great bag for you today, with tons of pics of all of the contents. Come and have a look at what Mitchell is carrying around in his bag…
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In your bag No: 285 – Andrea Pirisi

In your bag 285, Andrea Pirisi
A lovely bag for you from Italy. This bag has a whole range of gear inside, including a lovely and desirable Polaroid land camera. Come and have a look see.
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In your bag No: 281 – Nathan Mathos

In your bag 281, Nathan Mathos
What a great bag I have for you today. A polaroid heavy bag with a lovely set of cameras inside. Nathan has a very nice set up going on and an interesting theory about the i-phone. Come and have a look.
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In your bag No: 276 – Nick Susatyo

In your bag 276, Nick Susatyo
Todays bag comes with extra added gummi bears. Oh and a pretty rad Doraemon sticker too. Come and see what Nick is keeping in his bag.
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In your bag No: 267 – Adrian Ong

In your bag 267, Adrian Ong
Todays bag is going to inspire a lot of gear envy, I have no doubt about that. Especially when you consider that Adrian is only 16 years old. Check it out.
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In your bag #263 – Dilraj Singh

In your bag 263, Dilraj Singh
I have a repeat bag for you today, well kind of. Dilraj was featured as number #136 and now he is back with a new setup. And it is a pretty cool one. Come and have a look.
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