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JCH articles on cameras that I think stand out.


In your bag No: 715 – Jing Wen

In your bag 715, Jing Wen
Jing was one of the very first to feature a bag on JCH, over 700 entries ago! Wekk, now he is back and sharing another great bag with us. Check it out.
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R bagsml

In your bag No: 711 – Fernando Moreno

In your bag 711, Fernando Moreno
OK, it is time for a truly epic bag shot. And this is it. Because it is not just one, but three bags. Fernando shares with us his fantastic gear. This is how you do it.
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In your bag No: 707 – JapanCameraHunter: Hong Kong Edition

In your bag 707, JapanCameraHunter: Hong Kong edition
I don’t share my bag all that often, as I like to let you lot have the chance to see more interesting bags. But this time I thought I would share with you what I am taking on my upcoming trip to Hong Kong.
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In your bag No: 706 – Steve from Cologne

In your bag 706, Steve from Cologne
This bag is loaded, really loaded. Sometimes I am amazed by what people carry around, but then I realise, I used to do that too. Come and have a look at what Steve has got.
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My bag - Gekopacasml

In your bag No: 704 – Gekopaca

In your bag 704, Gekopaca
Gekopaca shares with us his interesting bag, all prepped up for his trip to Japan. For the first time in a while it is a completely digital bag. Come and check it out.
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