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In your bag 406, Dragan Jereminov A pro bag today. Well, a few of different bags with different setups for different jobs. Come and have a look at this bag coming to you from Serbia.

In your bag 403, Julián Péter We have a re-visit today. Julián has been on the site before and now he is back with a new bag for you all to see. He has put this bag together for a project that promises to be very interesting.

In your bag 400, Ming Thein Well well well, we have reached number 400! And still we are going strong. There are plenty more bags to feature. But todays bag is not just one…Ming has been kind enough to send us his multiple different configurations. And I am loving the classic one. Come and have […]

In your bag No: 360 – Martin Lux

4 min read

In your bag 360, Martin Lux Todays bag is pretty tasty. Two bags in fact, and in monochrome no less. Very arty. Come and have a look at what Martin is using in his bags.

In your bag No: 359 – Allan Uhlmann

3 min read

In your bag 359, Allan Uhlmann Todays bag is especially lovely, because it contains a camera that I found. Come and have a look at this lovely Nikon heavy bag.