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In your bag No: 730 – Steven Pam

5 min read

In your bag 730, Steven Pam We have a really interesting mix of a bag for you today,. Steven shares with us his bag from Melbourne. Check out the layout on that, this is how you lay out a bag.

In your bag No: 548, Eric Genevrier What a bag. This is for all those who love a bit of 4×5 goodness. Nothing f¬•digital about this, just good old fashioned photographic technique. Check it out.

In your bag 498, Oliver Matich So close, we are nearly there. But we have a couple more bags to go and this one is fantastic. It is actually a dual bag set. Check it out.

In your bag 448, Ajum Vahanvati Ajum is a designer. You can always tell the designers on ‘In your bag’ as they have lots of very highly polished and well presented bag pics, and Ajum is no exception. Check out this brilliant bag.

In your bag 438, Morgan Roberts Morgan shares his bag with us from Australia, and what a lovely bag it is. Simple and straight to the point, this is the kind of bag that I would happily use.