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In your bag number 216, Jaimie Peeters This must be Euro week, as we have a bag for you from Holland today. All we need is a bag from Luxembourg and then we can say we had a Benelux set. Come and see what Jaimie has in his bag.

In your bag number 205, Suraj Bhamra We have a cool bag for you today. Not just because it is a bag that I own too, but because it has a massive Mamiya RZ67 inside. Come and see what Suraj has in his bag.

In your bag number 202, Ian Devlin A monster bag for you today from Scotland. It is not everyday that you encounter a student carrying around a Mamiya 645 Super. What a beast. Check it out.

In your bag number 179, Barthelemy Longueville Wait, we have another bag from China today, although this one comes from Frenchman Barthelemy. He has a pretty impressive setup, so let’s see what is inside.

In your bag number 175, Sam Haller We have a cool bag from a 15 year old today, who despite his youth has some serious gear in his bag. Come and see what this young guy has in his bag…