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In your bag #264 – Travis Mortz

3 min read

In your bag 264, Travis Mortz Todays bag is a bit of a medium format bonanza. So many pretty cameras in one bag and so many different ways to shoot. This bag must be a lot of fun. Check it out.

In your bag #263 – Dilraj Singh

3 min read

In your bag 263, Dilraj Singh I have a repeat bag for you today, well kind of. Dilraj was featured as number #136 and now he is back with a new setup. And it is a pretty cool one. Come and have a look.

In your bag #259 – James Kent

3 min read

In your bag 259, James Kent Today we have a bag from a place that I have always wanted to visit…Cuba! James is a photographer and offered to share his bag from a recent trip to Cuba. I was more than happy to accept. Check it out.

In your bag #252 – Jesse Kraal

2 min read

In your bag number 252, Jesse Kraal Todays bag is sweet, and not just because of the fantastic range of cameras contained, but also because of the bag itself. It is so cool that I actually want one. Come and check it out.

In your bag number 236, Christian Nilson Todays bag comes from one of my happy customers. Christian lives in Switzerland and has a lovely bag set for us. Lets have a look at what he shoots with…