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In your bag 281, Nathan Mathos What a great bag I have for you today. A polaroid heavy bag with a lovely set of cameras inside. Nathan has a very nice set up going on and an interesting theory about the i-phone. Come and have a look.

In your bag 280, Miles Metcalfe JCH has a lovely bag for you today, with a whole array of different cameras on show. Miles is a student with a big passion for film photography. Come and see.

In your bag 271, Alfonso De Castro A Spanish bag for you today, from a photography teacher! Alfonso has kindly offered to share his bags with us. Be warned, there are more pics than usual on this one. Let’s have a look.

In your bag #266 – Steven Xue

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In your bag 266, Steven Xue Todays bag comes from a young guy with a lot of passion for film photography. Check out his epic bag, how many 16 year olds do you know who even know what a Mamiya RZ67 is?  Let alone carry one. Check it out.