MS Optical Sonnetar 50mm F/1.1 MC M-mount

MS Optical Sonnetar 50mm F/1.1 MC M-mount



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MS Optical Sonnetar 50mm F/1.1 MC M-mount

The latest release from Miyazaki san is this, the fast 50mm Sonnetar f/1.1 M-mount lens. This lens has been designed with the Leica user in mind. This lens uses high quality Tantalum glass and a German made iris, which offers soft and creamy bokeh when wide open.
The lens is a simple sonnar type with a very simple construction, which helps to eliminate flare when the lens is being shot fast. This lens is ideal for low light and indoor shooting. I suspect this lens will be a very interesting portrait lens too.
Thanks to Miyazaki sans Coma adjustment system on the rear element of the lens you can reduce the aberration dependent on your focal distance.
The lens performs very well wide open, reaching its maximum capabilities around f/1.6 and f/2. This is a very different lens from the other Miyazaki lenses and it is going to wield some very interesting results.

Lens details:

– Sonnar type construction
– 5 lenses in 4 groups with multi-coated surfaces
– True focal length of 51.7mm
– lenses made of glass with ultra-high refractive index
– Apertures: f/1.1 to f/16
– Diaphragm is “made in Germany” (14 rounded blades from the pictures)
– Lens weight 190g (220g with hood and caps)
– Filter size M55
– Coma Manual adjuster on rear element



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