Cura Leather Wrist Strap

Cura Leather Wrist Strap


High quality leather wrist straps for cameras

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Hand made by artisans in Japan, Cura camera straps are of the very highest quality. If you want to have the best for your camera then you are looking in the right place.
This new design is the one that everyone has been asking for, a lightweight and supply leather strap. These beautiful straps are hand made out of the highest quality materials. Each strap is cut from the leather rather than pressed, it is stitched in a sandwich with a support backing of tougher leather so that the strap doesn’t lose its shape, yet because everything is hand cut the strap manages to remain extremely thin and lightweight.
The rings on the straps are specially polished for over 20 hours so that they have no rough edges at all, making them kind to the fingers, yet extremely strong.

These leather straps will take on a patina over time and become unique to your wrist. Your very own strap.
The Straps come in 3 different colours:

Black leather with red stitching
Black leather with white stitching
Brown leather with white stitching

The wrist strap is 20cm long and designed to fit on ring type lugs commonly found on Rangefinder cameras.

Please be aware as these are hand made and hand dyed, the dye may run slightly when wet and transfer. The leather will also discolour over time taking on a more weathered colour.