120 Bikkuri cases

120 Bikkuri cases

¥4,750 — ¥6,250

A great selection of surprise medium format films inside a genuine JCH 120 film case.

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Yes, the 120 cases are here and they are here in Bikkuri too! Come and get your case with a random selection of film inside.
The same deal as the 135 Bikkuri cases, each case comes with 5 rolls of randomly selected film inside.

These cases will have a selection of interesting, unusual, regular and fun films inside them. Some of the films that you might find in your case are going to be unique or soon to be discontinued films, which makes them all the more special.

Unfortunately the prices for film, especially 120 film have gone up in the last year. I am trying to make these as economical as possible without them being over the top.

*In stock and ready for shipping now!*

The Mono 120 Bikkuri case
Exactly what you think it is. Only monochrome films inside this little beauty.
Price: 4500 Yen plus shipping

The Color 120 Bikkuri case
Does what is says on the tin, and interesting selection of colour films for you, who knows what will be inside?
Price: 5250 yen plus shipping

The Reversal 120 Bikkuri case
Provia, Velvia, Lomo…good golly, there could even be some T64 in there, you just don’t know. But know this, it will only have slide film inside.
Price: 6000 yen plus shipping

The Mixed bag 120 Bikkuri case
A little bit of everything. 5 rolls of a mix up of colour, slide and monochrome. Only the best.
Price: 5250 yen plus shipping

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There is a processing time for these cases, I have to wait for the cases to arrive and then I assemble all of these myself, which takes time. I will get them ready for you as quickly as possible, but it is not going to be overnight. Thanks for your understanding.