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In your bag No: 1482 – Ian Neesham

In your bag No: 1482 – Ian Neesham Ian shares his Canon heavy bag today and a nice story of how a period of illness changed his shooting habit and switched him back to film. Check it out. Hi everyone, So, I pray your indulgence everyone as I’m new to this.. I’ve just spent 5 […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Ice Box by Ushioda Tokuko

Jesse’s Book Review – Ice Box by Ushioda Tokuko It takes me a while to get them up, by Jesse keeps on working away, producing these fantastic reviews. This time delves into a book that looks at our innermost secrets. As a child mornings were always the best. I often had nightmares so as far […]

Get Featured: Garrett Riffal

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Get Featured: Garrett Riffal

Get Featured: Garrett Riffal I am only running about 5 months behind with the featured submissions, haha, but I am getting through them. This time Garrett gets to showcase his shots of Hong Kong. My name is Garrett Riffal. I’m a photographer based in Hong Kong. I grew up in Vancouver Canada. I started shooting […]

In your bag No: 1481 – Thomas Perry

In your bag No: 1481, Thomas Perry We have a lovely bag for you today. Tom has a couple of stunning cameras, and a very cool Olympus bag. Check out Tom’s awesome bag. My name is Tom Perry, and I’m a semi-pro photographer from Beckenham. I’ve done all kinds of photography related jobs. Studio assistant, […]

Camera Geekery: The Nandha Hotel in Bangkok

Camera Geekery: The Nandha Hotel in Bangkok Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to Bangkok by Monogram Asia to give a talk about cameras and photography at their 8/8 Street Photography Workshop. I met lots of cool people and had a really good time. But one of the definite highlights of the […]

Jesse’s Visual Interviews – Joe Aguirre

Jesse’s Visual Interviews – Joe Aguirre I have been waiting for this one for a while. Finally Joe Aguirre has managed to to stop playing with his awesome cat to complete the latest visual interview. This one is fantastic. Q1: Who are you? Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money? Q3: What do you […]

In your bag No: 1480 – Grégoire HURET

In your bag No: 1480, Grégoire HURET Grégoire is back to share his bag. As you can see he also has a bit of a thing for hot sauce, which is perfectly fine in my book. Check out this awesome kit. Hi Bellamy, this my second bag I send to you. The first one is […]

In your bag No: 1479 – Matt Withers

In your bag No: 1479 – Matt Withers Matt shares with us his bag today from sunny Sydney. And he has a couple of stunning cameras to share with us. Check it out. My name is Matt Withers, and I’m an ardent film enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I just got back from a few weeks […]

Get Featured: Ben Beech

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Get Featured: Ben Beech

Get Featured: Ben Beech Today I am very happy to share the work of a mate of mine, Ben Beech. This is a story of a gifted camera and some film, and the work that came from that gift. Check it out. About two years ago I popped into my local camera shop in suburban Tokyo, […]

Compact cameras, the future

Compact cameras, the future Since I have been running this site and doing this job I have watched as the prices for compact cameras have steadily increased into the sort of price ranges usually reserved for collectible cameras. I do feel partly responsible for this as the site helped to popularise these cameras and bring […]