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In your bag No: 1217 – Giles Smith

In your bag No: 1217, Giles Smith Giles has sent us a double. Not a double bag though. No he has been cool enough to send us a bag shot and his film stash all rolled into one nice post. Check this lot out. Consider this a double entry for SUYF and IYB. I hope […]

JCH news: Cool JCH Fan-Art Advert

JCH news: Cool JCH Fan-Art Advert I get sent a lot of cool things (pictures, shirts, rather unusual candies), some of them I can share with you and others I cannot because the people who made them are shy/secret agents/could lose their jobs etc. But this is one of those things that I actually can […]

Inspired Eye Vol: 23

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Inspired Eye Vol: 23

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 23 In this months issue of Inspired Eye magazine, Zac Patsalides takes us on a great roadtrip throughout Vietnam on his bike and Fionn draws us in with a timeless look at Kalkutta, India. Beautifully laid out in 265 pages, is the 23rd issue of Inspired Eye, containing an eclectic […]

In your bag No: 1216 – Cederik Leeuwe

In your bag No: 1216, Cederik Leeuwe Not often we get a bag from Belgium. But there are no waffles in this bag. Just some cameras and a rather nice pipe too. Check out this lovely setup. Hello there! My name is Cederik Leeuwe and I’m a Belgo-Dutch photographer from Namur, Belgium. I’ve started out […]

In your bag No: 1215 – Glad

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In your bag No: 1215 – Glad

In your bag No: 1215, Glad All I have for a name is Glad, but I certainly am glad (oof) that he sent me his bag. This one is great, a classic Russian camera and the bare essentials. Just what you need for a day of shooting. Check it out. Well finally i got round […]

Photography News: EU Freedom of Photography under threat

Photography News: EU Freedom of Photography under threat So, basically it has been reported in the previous week that the Freedom of Panorama ruling has come under threat in the EU parliament. What this basically means is that publishing images (and selling them) of public buildings and artworks in most of the EU could be […]

Get featured: David Valera

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Get featured: David Valera

Get Featured: David Valera David shares with us some powerful black and white work, entitled ‘Dark Is The Light’. Looking at interesting contrasts of light and humanity, and pondering the bigger questions as to the significance of our actions. Check this fantastic project out. Dark Is The Light An introverted look at life and death, […]

In your bag No: 1214 – John Walsh

In your bag No: 1214, John Walsh It is nice to see a bag from Blighty from time to time. And John’s bag is a lovely example. A great bag, filled with interesting gear, especially that wonderful Retina. Come and check it out. My name is John Walsh from England. As you can see from […]

Camera Geekery: Cameraporn Competition

Camera Geekery: Cameraporn Competition So over on Instagramz my friend Vishal from CameraFilmPhoto is running a nice little competition. Submit your cameraporn for the world to see and you could win something nice! It is a really simple idea and a lot of fun for everyone involved. Basically the idea is really simple. Vishal will […]

In your bag No: 1213 – Vadims Barison

In your bag No: 1213, Vadims Barison I love getting bags from all over the globe, so it really excites me when I get sent a bag from somewhere like Latvia. It is pretty cool to know that the site is seen all over the globe. Vadims has a very fancy bag, which I will […]