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Get Featured: Andrew Smith

3 min read
Get Featured: Andrew Smith

Get Featured: Andrew Smith Andrew shares with us a visual essay, giving us an a little bit of a different perspective. This one is very interesting. Check it out. After years of travel, adventure and jumping form one job to another I recently took on a position as a “Gallery Protection Officer” at the National Gallery […]

In your bag No: 1501 – Dominik Woerner

In your bag No: 1501 – Dominik Woerner I have been traveling quite a bit lately, so it is nice to finally get back in the saddle and look at some of the submissions.  And for the next 1500 we have some lovely bags for you all. Better get started then… My name is Dominik Woerner. […]

Get Featured: Ben Dawson

2 min read
Get Featured: Ben Dawson

Get Featured: Ben Dawson We are getting through some of the backlog. Ben sent this in ages ago, but I finally got it up. A cinematographers view of the streets of Vancouver. Check it out. My name is Ben Dawson, I’m a big fan of your blog! Originally I’m from Calgary, Alberta Canada, But for […]

Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Andrew Curry

Jesse’s Visual Interviews: Andrew Curry Time again for another fantastic visual interview from Jesse Freeman, this time he gets the lowdown on a Tokyo resident, Andrew Curry. Check it out. Q1: Who are you?  Q2: What is your favorite way to waste money? Q3: What do you consider the most overrated virtue?  Q4: When are […]

In your bag No: 1500 – Paz Rahn

In your bag No: 1500 – Paz Rahn A momentous occasion! Number 1500! That is 1500 bags that have been featured on the site over the years. I am honoured to have been able to share all of these with you and I look forward to the next 1500. Hi I’m Paz Rahn you may […]

Get Featured: James Moreton

2 min read
Get Featured: James Moreton

Get Featured: James Moreton A lovely feature today. James shared the first part of this series a couple of years back, and now he comes back to us with the next chapter of his work. Check it out. The Work You featured the first chapter in this series back in 2015: This is the second chapter […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica

Jesse’s Book Review – Japan through a Leica by Ihee Kimura This time around Jesse tackles a book that a few people have mentioned to me lately. A really special book for the Leica buffs out there. Japan Through a Leica is really first and foremost a collector’s book. The first edition was released in […]

In your bag No: 1499 – Steven Bleistein

In your bag No: 1499 – Steven Bleistein We are getting close to a failry monumental number. But that doesn’t mean this bag is any kind of let down, it is a superb setup. Very simple and zen. I am a street photographer who lives in Japan. I started shooting nearly two years ago as […]

In your bag No: 1498 – Carlos Rosasco

In your bag No: 1498, Carlos Rosasco A very special bag today. It is not often we get submissions from Uruguay, so it is really nice to see this wonderful setup from Carlos Rosasco. Check it out. Hello dear colleagues! I’m a Uruguayan professional photographer based in Montevideo, dedicated to advertisement and still photography on […]

Film News: JCH StreetPan 120 Pre Order

Film News: JCH StreetPan 120 Pre Order It has been a long time coming, but after much prompting by various people I have finally been able to get JCH StreetPan made in 120 format! Yay! When I released StreetPan last year I had no idea it would be so popular. It kind of bowled me […]