In your bag number 253, Jeremy Chua Back into Asia today with a sweet bag from Singapore. Jeremy is using a Swat tactical bag to shoot film and digital on the streets of Singapore. Come and have a closer look.

In your bag number 198, Philip Basaric Todays bag is jam packed full of great gear and it belongs to a sixteen year old! start ’em young I say. Check out what Philip has in his bag…

In your bag number 87, Jesse Hildebrand Todays bag belongs to a proper professional, how’s about that then? We have a bag all the way from Canada for you, and the picture is fantastic. So, lets have a look inside Jesse’s bag…

A whole load of stuff

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Mijonju put up a cool video of us all, so if you can stomach me looking like an arse, then this video is great for you. It was really good to see all of my friends in the same place, I hope it can happen again soon. That is how we roll down here in […]

In your bag #38 – Dani Kim

3 min read

In your bag number 37, Dani Kim from Korea Hey photogs, streettogs and whattogs, how are you all doing? I have been busy this week, but things are finally starting to calm down, which is good because I really need a rest. But, despite that there are still bags to show and share. And here […]

Well well well, The workshop has finished and it has been emotional Yes, that is right, the workshop has finished and we had a blast. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us, not just the students but the instructors too. We have made friends from all over the world and […]

In your bag #2 – Nando

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Bag shot number 2, and it is a cracker, hope you enjoy it Well it seems that you all have no problem at all with showing me inside your bags. This is brilliant, keep them coming. I am hoping to do one a day if possible. So, for our second bag-shot we have something really […]

Remember this? Well, it is back. *UPDATE* I love my camera bags, and I love to see what is inside other peoples camera bag. With that in mind I have decided to run a what is in your bag feature. So, first up we have my most recent acquisition. My limited edition Domke beams edition […]

Street photography doesn’t have to be a battle Recently there has been a lot of talk about what is good street photography and what constitutes invasion of privacy, especially in light of the video by Fabio Pirez. The video, which he has now taken down showed Pirez jumping in the face of people on the […]