Show us your film : The grain abides I have some more for you. This time a personal collection, a collections so massive it needs an excel document and a completed darkroom. Check it out.

Show us your film : Dat Ektar They are coming in, more trickles than torrents. But it is still nice to see plenty of people with some lovely film going on. I do hope that some of you are doing film-swaps with one another too. Check this lot out.

Show us your film : Suds and Silver It has taken a while to but this together, as there have not been all that many submissions lately. But Bernard really came through and sorted us out. Come anc check these great collections.

Show us your film : My Kingdom for a Fridge People keep on sending them in, and I love it because we all get to have a peek inside the personal stashes that people have been saving for that special moment. Check this lot out.