Photography Zines (and books) No: 28

Photography zines (and books) No: 28 It has been kind of a while since I last put some books and zines on the site, and they have been slowly piling up. Fortunately I managed to find a few spare moments to go through them and share them with you. I never get tired of seeing […]

Inspired Eye Vol: 21

2 min read
Inspired Eye Vol: 21

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 21 A new issue of Inspired Eye has arrived and is is a fantastic collection of all kinds of photography and news. Featuring photographers from all over the world, this webzine has something for everyone. And it still a bargain! Within 243 beautifully laid out pages (123 spreads) Inspired Eye […]

C’est la vie in B&W – Vladimir Panasenko

C’est la vie in B&W – Vladimir Panasenko If you are in San Francisco, or planning to be there soon then there is an exhibition that you should definitely go and see, not just for the brilliant street photography, but also because of the stunning and unique cameras that were used to make it. Vladimir […]

Inspired Eye Vol: 20

2 min read

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 20 A new issue of Inspired Eye has arrived and this one is a corker. Lo-fi street photography, travel and everything in between. And still a bargain at less than the price of a venti double shot soy skinny macha latte.

Body Language by Daniel Schaefer

Daniel Schaefer returns with a followup to his immensely popular article ‘The Storytellers Kit’. This time discussing what type of body can be used to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Art & Photography: Tim Kerr in Tokyo

Art & Photography: Tim Kerr in Tokyo I am always interested in anything photography related, and being a former art student I also love seeing interesting art. So when artist/photographer Tim Kerr told me he would be in Tokyo I thought it might be cool to share with you what Tim does. Check it out.

Photography zines (and books) No: 27 Lots more lovely books and zines for your enjoyment. I love seeing the passion and dedication that goes into these and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

How Do You Relieve Photographer’s Creative Block? By Dan K After a bit of sojourn, Dan K is back with a very thought provoking piece that covers something that I myself have been feeling lately. Namely creative block. This has come at the perfect time and spurred me to action after reading it. Read on.

Inspired Eye Vol: 19

2 min read

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 19 A new issue of Inspired Eye is here. If you have not got one yet, grab one now, you won’t regret it. I swear, this webzine gets bigger and bigger, now over 300+ pages of photographic goodness.

What’s the point of film?

6 min read

What’s the point of film? By Paul Schofield Paul Schofield is back with another article. Following on from his ‘what’s the point in taking pictures‘ article, Paul now ponders the question many wonder. What is the point of film? Well, let’s see shall we?