Film News: Film case bundles from CFP

Film News: Film case bundles from CFP If you have not heard of CameraFilmPhoto by now then you may have been frozen partially in time and have just thawed out. Fortunately good old JCH is here to get you up to speed. Vishal at CFP is tirelessly dedicated to getting people out there shooting film. […]

Film News: Meta35 – Metadata for film photographers

Film News: Meta35 – Metadata for film photographers Promote Systems, a company from the US has decided to try and help film photographers wrestle their workflow into some kind of manageable beast, by coming up with some very innovative software that can help you insert data about your images into your scanned images. Sounds cool […]

Film News: We Wood Film!

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Film News: We Wood Film!

Film News: We Wood Film! We Wood Film! That is the slogan, and whilst you can probably make a number of jokes from the name, the idea itself is pretty cool. Compagnia-Imago is a photo lab in Italy, who have come up with a rather interesting idea. Wooden film canisters. Compagnia-Imago have come up with an […]

Film News: Fujifilm Europe Selling off Film Factory Ever wondered what it takes to manufacture film? Well now you can have a glimpse of the equipment used and if you have a few million dollars burning a hole in your pocket you can even buy it! Read on.

Film News: Limited Edition Film cases Some of you might remember the interview I did with CameraFilmPhoto in Hong Kong a while back, and the blue cases that I made for them. Well now we have some more and they are very cool. Check it out.

JCH 2014 top posts

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JCH 2014 top posts Well, that is it, 2014 is almost over. And what a year it has been. For JCH it has been a pretty amazing year, with some outstanding finds, some grand scoops and lots of thrilling news. Thanks for making the JCH site and community so enjoyable. Seeing as this time of […]

Film News: Fuji cuts Velvia 120

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Film News: Fuji cuts Velvia 100F 120 In continuation of Fuji’s self fulfilling prophecy, Fuji have now announced that the wonderful Velvia 100F 120 film is to be discontinued. Oh wow, such surprise.

JCH half size 135 film cases

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JCH half size 135 film cases Ask and thou shalt receive. After months of planning, hair pulling and head scratching, I am happy to finally announce the latest model in the JCH family. The 135 half size film case.

Film News: New Cinestill 50 ISO Daylight Xpro C-41 Film CineStill have been very busy bees lately, what with their Kickstarter (which still needs support) and the release of the BWXX film, things must have been crazy for them. Yet they found the time to bring another new film to market! Check it out in […]

Film News: Ferrania needs you!

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Film News: Ferrania needs you! As some of you may recall, I did a little interview with Ferrania last year about them bringing their film back on to the market. A year passed and everyone was wondering what had happened. Well, the people at Ferrania had been very busy overcoming all kinds of obstacles to […]