Film News: Washi Paper film

6 min read

Film News: Washi Paper Film Recently I was contacted by Lomig Perrotin about a type of film that he has been working on. Lomig has created Washi Paper film to bring us a fascinating and different method of shooting film. I got to ask him a few questions about it. Check it out.

Film News: ADOX Interview

7 min read

Film News: Adox Interview Jesse Struyvelt of The Film Foundation recently got the chance to talk to Mirko Boeddecker of the Film manufacturer ADOX about the future of film. And they were kind enough to share this with the readers of JCH. Check it out.

Photo Film Screenprint Series

1 min read

Photo Film Screenprint Series Wow, two Kickstarters in a week, that I actually endorse. Not bad. This one is lovely too. A beautiful series of prints of the classic films. Not a new idea, but still a nice one. Lend your support.

Film News: New55 Film Kickstarter This is good news. Another group of passionate individuals who are getting behind their love for their medium and are making something happen. I have no love for Kickstarter, but I feel like this is something that it is good for. Check it out and give them your support.

Film News: CameraFilmPhoto interview There is a new kid on the block. CameraFilmPhoto is an online shop specialising in film (and everything related). I spoke to the founder Vishal to find out more about CFP for you all.

Why do you love film?

5 min read

Why do you love film? I wrote this piece for the Kodak 1000 words blog, and it has been really well received, so I thought it would be good to put it up on here too. And if you go to the Kodak site and comment, you might even win some film and film cases. […]

JapanCameraHunter News

3 min read

JapanCameraHunter News There are loads on things going on behind the scenes at JCH towers, so I thought it might be a good idea to fill you in on the latest developments.