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Featured photographer – George Marazakis

Featured photographer, George Marazakis
Recently whilst searching for some new photographers to feature I came across the work of George Marazakis on flickr. His images really stood out from the crowd and he is one of a new generation of Greek photographers who are really starting to out out some amazing photography. I am very happy to be able to share this little interview with you.
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Several Full Color Pictures With Hardly Any Color In Them

Several Full Color Pictures With Hardly Any Color In Them
Robert McCann has been working on a project that I find intriguing from and artists standpoint. His full colour images with hardly any colour series challenges the common perception of a colour image and has a huge scope for the future. I anjoy the subtleties of this set, I hope you do too.
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A film legacy Pt. 2

A film Legacy Pt. 2
Jason Howe from Aperturepriority has very kindly offered to share a piece with us about a series of beautiful photographs by the late photographer Roland G Phillips-Turner. These moving and personal images are a glance into the past. Over to you Jason.
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Featured photographer – Simon Becker

Featured photographer, Simon Becker
I was recently very fortunate to be able to spend a fair bit of time with Simon Becker during his visit to Japan. Simon is a very talented photographer and a really nice guy to go with it. Oh and he is a handsome, tall, multi-instrumentalist…Grrrr. Oh well, some people have it all. Seriously though, Simon is a great photographer and I have had the chance to talk with him about his work. Come and have a look.
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Featured photographer – Jim Mortram

Featured photographer, Jim Mortram
I have the special honour of being able to feature the work of a photographer whom I admire greatly, Mr. Jim Mortram. Jim’s work is very personal and deeply moving. It has taken a while to get this interview as Jim does not have a lot of time, but I am very glad we managed to do it. I hope you enjoy it.
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England Uncensored

Featured Photographer – Peter Dench

Featured photographer, Peter Dench
I have been following the work of photographer Peter Dench for a while now. Peter is the man behind England Uncensored, a great photographic essay about the people of the UK. Fortunately for JCH Peter was able to give us a little interview, hope you like it.
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Uyghur Photo Essay – Brett Elmer

Uyghur Photo Essay, by Brett Elmer
I was recently contacted by Brett as he had some work that he wanted to share with me. I was very impressed with his project and Brett agreed to be interviewed for JCH. Come and look at this fascinating social documentary that covers a largely ignored issue.
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Featured photographer – Ontoshiki

Featured photographer, Ontoshiki
Todays featured photographer is someone who I have been hoping to feature for a long time. Ontoshiki is photographer from Australia who lived in Japan for a while but has now moved on. Let’s hear his thoughts.
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Featured Photographer – Kevin Vanier

Featured photographer, Kevin Vanier
I met Kevin when he was visiting Japan a few months back. We got on well and chatted about photography, I was astounded to learn that he is based in Mongolia, and even more astounded to hear that he reads JCH. I saw Kevin’s pictures and love the desolation and wonder that they contained. Despite having a very busy schedule, Kevin agreed to a feature. Check it out…
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Interview with a collector/photographer – Jason Howe

Interview with a collector/photographer, Jason Howe
JCH has an interesting little interview for you today. Not only is Jason a photographer, but a collector too. I noticed that he has quite a remarkable Olympus in his collection, so I thought it would be great to hear a little bit more about it. Check it out.
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