The Graflex Super 4×5 SLR Custom Today I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce you to an absolutely one of a kind camera. The Graflex Super 4×5 SLR Custom. And it could be yours!

The FrankenLeica

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The FrankenLeica David Lykes Keenan has been telling me about this camera for some time now and finally he has shared it with me. So I thought I would share it with you. A very cool FrankenLeica.

The Fred L. Tonne Black paint Leica M2 Sometimes I travel to get really really rare and unusual things (like this). So it was a big deal for me recently when I was called into action to head out to Chicago to get a very special camera.

An introduction to 4×5 large format photography Pt: 2 by Benn Murhaaya Following on from the epic part 1, part two is now ready for your enjoyment. This is huge and maybe not safe for work for some people as there are some naked people in the images. Come and check it out and learn […]


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ChicagoCameraHunter As some of you may know from my facebook or twitter posts, I have just been to Chicago to handle a little bit of JCH business (more on that another time). Whilst I was there I managed to find a thriving photography scene. Check it out.

An introduction to 4×5 large format photography Part: 1 by Benn Murhaaya I have been meaning to have a 4×5 introduction on the site for a long time, so when Benn Murhaaya offered to write one I jumped at the chance. This is fantastically detailed intro, so detailed in fact that I have broken it […]

Hack your film: How to change your DX coding by Dan K Dan K knocked up this little film hack piece for his Tumblr, and I thought it would be good on here too as I get a lot of people asking how to do this. A simple little hack that will allow you to […]

If a camera could tell a story Sometimes I wonder what story a camera would tell if it could. We can see a visual record of everything that camera has seen, as long as we know the provenance of that camera and have access to all of the images it took. But that is almost […]