Nikon F3-P Parts Diagram

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Nikon F3-P Parts Diagram

Nikon F3-P Parts Diagram So, the other day on my Instagram I shared a picture of part of a Nikon parts diagram, and lots of people asked me to share the whole thing. So I thought it might be nice to tell the story behind it.

The Storytellers Kit – Daniel Schaefer Daniel Schaefer shares with us his thoughts and experiences on developing the right kit for telling your story. A great look at how different focal lengths can change the narrative. Check it out.

5 film cameras for under £50 a piece Stephen Dowling wrote this article for his brilliant site, and has been kind enough for me to re-publish it on JCH. A nice guide to budget cameras for under £50 ($79 USD or 147781.53 Mongolian Tugrik). Check it out.

Hong Kong 6th Annual Photo Equipment flea market I love coming to Hong Kong, so when I was told there was going to be a camera show I wasted no time in making sure I would be there for it. Here are my observations on the 6th Annual Photo Equipment flea market in Hong Kong.

JCH Product review: Urushi Camera Straps Recently I was contacted by Harry Benz about the camera straps that he makes. I get contacted by a lot of places to check out their products, and I often have to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ as they are not really very good. But some of them are […]

Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden

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Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden David Aureden has put together a nice little review of a camera that sometime goes overlooked. The great Rollei 35. Check it out.

JCH Product review: LUMU Lightmeter & Ondu Pinhole Every now and then I get sent lovely things to have a look at. Some of them don’t really fit the idea of the site (Sensor swabs I am looking at you), but some of them do. Like these. The LUMU lightmeter and the Ondu Pinhole camera.

The Konica 60mm 1.2L – The Dream Lens A long while ago I found the original version of this lens, which I considered a feather in my cap (link here). But the modern version of this lens always eluded me, until now.