Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden

5 min read

Rollei 35 Review by David Aureden David Aureden has put together a nice little review of a camera that sometime goes overlooked. The great Rollei 35. Check it out.

JCH Product review: LUMU Lightmeter & Ondu Pinhole Every now and then I get sent lovely things to have a look at. Some of them don’t really fit the idea of the site (Sensor swabs I am looking at you), but some of them do. Like these. The LUMU lightmeter and the Ondu Pinhole camera.

The Konica 60mm 1.2L – The Dream Lens A long while ago I found the original version of this lens, which I considered a feather in my cap (link here). But the modern version of this lens always eluded me, until now.

One of a kind Leica M4

3 min read

One of a kind Leica M4 I love all of the cameras I come across, but some stick out more than others and this is one of them. A completely unique and very special custom Leica M4.

Camera repair news

2 min read

Camera repair news It is my sad duty to announce that a number of cameras will no longer be serviced by their makers in Japan.

JapanCameraHunter Bespoke Sourcing Service I decided to update this article a little bit as people have been asking me recently what I do and what I can do for them. So here is the updated piece on how I can find you the camera that you have always wanted.

The MS Optical Perar 24mm f/4 Super Wide For those of you in the know, there has been a very special lens maker in Japan who has been producing all sorts of fantastic handmade lenses for Leica mount cameras.

Brownie In Motion – The Travelling Camera Obscura You guys know me, and know I am not a fan of kickstarter and all that. But, sometimes I see a project that I think is definitely worth funding. And this is one of them. Brownie in Motion, the travelling camera obscura.

The Graflex Super 4×5 SLR Custom Today I have the wonderful opportunity to introduce you to an absolutely one of a kind camera. The Graflex Super 4×5 SLR Custom. And it could be yours!