Hack your film: How to change your DX coding by Dan K Dan K knocked up this little film hack piece for his Tumblr, and I thought it would be good on here too as I get a lot of people asking how to do this. A simple little hack that will allow you to […]

If a camera could tell a story Sometimes I wonder what story a camera would tell if it could. We can see a visual record of everything that camera has seen, as long as we know the provenance of that camera and have access to all of the images it took. But that is almost […]

Things JCH likes

2 min read

Things JCH likes I got back from vacation and there was a ton of mail. And in that mail was a load of cool stuff that I want to share with you. I figured it would be good to put them all together for you.

Classic lens buyers guide

5 min read

Classic lens buyers guide It is about time there was a classic lens buyers guide on the site. I have been meaning to do one for a while but always got sidelined. Now I have had the chance to recharge my batteries I have knocked up one for you. These are the things that I […]

So you think your lens is fast? During the course of my job I have seen and heard of more ‘superfast’ lenses than you can shake a stick at. And after a while it just becomes a parade of the same old thing. But then something comes along that completely blows it all away. Meet […]

The 36th ICS World Used Camera Fair Another year rolls around and the camera traders and enthusiasts wait with baited breath, for now it is finally time for the Matsuya used camera fair. The one everyone has been waiting for.

Classic Camera Posters

2 min read

Classic Camera Posters If you are a regular reader of the site then you might remember the cool film photography posters (link) that I featured a few months back. Well now there are some new additions to the design stable.