Classic lens buyers guide

Posted on by Bellamy

Classic lens buyers guide It is about time there was a classic lens buyers guide on the site. I have been meaning to do one for a while but always got sidelined. Now I have had the chance to recharge my batteries I have knocked up one for you. These are the things that I […]

So you think your lens is fast?

Posted on by Bellamy

So you think your lens is fast? During the course of my job I have seen and heard of more ‘superfast’ lenses than you can shake a stick at. And after a while it just becomes a parade of the same old thing. But then something comes along that completely blows it all away. Meet […]

The story of the Imperial Canon

Posted on by Bellamy

The story of the Imperial Canon Some of you may remember the re-painted Canon P that was on the site recently. Well, it became a bit of a sensation and many people wanted to know how it came to be. So Bernard, the owner of the camera, tells us about how the Imperial went from […]

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