5 film cameras for under £50 a piece

Posted on by Bellamy

5 film cameras for under £50 a piece Stephen Dowling wrote this article for his brilliant site www.zorkiphoto.co.uk, and has been kind enough for me to re-publish it on JCH. A nice guide to budget cameras for under £50 ($79 USD or 147781.53 Mongolian Tugrik). Check it out.

JCH Product Review: Urushi Camera Straps

Posted on by Bellamy

JCH Product review: Urushi Camera Straps Recently I was contacted by Harry Benz about the camera straps that he makes. I get contacted by a lot of places to check out their products, and I often have to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ as they are not really very good. But some of them are […]

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