Reflecting on shooting with The Impossible Project film

Reflecting on shooting with The Impossible Project film Cengiz returns to the site with a great review of The Impossible Project film which he has been using for his project, Syria’s Children, where he documents the lives of refugee children. Check it this excellent piece. Based between Chicago and Iraq, Cengiz is a documentary photographer and freelance […]

In your bag No: 1353 – Brett Franklin

In your bag No: 1353, Brett Franklin Today we have a sweet setup to kick off the weekend with. Brett is a returnee, and this time he shares with us not only his awesome travel bag, but his love for Soul and Funk records. Check it out. Hi, my name is Brett Franklin from Sheffield, […]

In your bag No: 1352 – Francisco Gozon

In your bag No: 1352, Francisco Gozon Today we have a cracking film bag for you. A simple setup, Francisco shows us that it doesn’t have to be overloaded to get the results required. Check this one out. I have always been an observant person from what many of the people in my life tell […]

Photography Zines and Books No: 33

Photography Zines and Books No: 33 It has been a while since I featured some zines and books, and that is not for lack of content. It is just hard to find the time. But I have managed to shift some of the piles of stuff from my desk and go through some of the […]

Get Featured: @bananaaapeels

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Get Featured: @bananaaapeels

Get Featured: @bananaaapeels @bananaaapeels has not only an interesting nome de guerre, but a really cool project. Which, judging by the latest announcement from FujiFilm, will not be going on all that much longer. So if you are in the NYC subway and you see one of these on the wall, grab it! Hi Bellamy […]

In your bag No: 1351 – Andy Richman

In your bag No: 1351, Andy Richman Andy has a great bag for us to kick start the weekend, especially if you are a Nikon fan (like myself). Some classic Nikon bodies, a bunch of film, and somewhat inexplicably, a knife. A very well organised setup. Attached is a picture of “My Bag”. I am […]

Camera Geekery: Modern Military Repainted Cameras

Camera Geekery: Modern Military Repainted Cameras As I am sure many of you know by now, I work very closely with my clients to bring them some truly amazing and very personal cameras. There are a lot that come through, but some stand out more than others. And recently there have been some truly outstanding custom cameras […]

Get Featured: Clifton Barker

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Get Featured: Clifton Barker

Get Featured: Clifton Barker Clifton has a very different approach to photographing his pets. He shows his Sphynx cats energy and spirit in this yet unfinished project. All shot on film, of course. Check it out. Thanks for your consideration for my (as of yet untitled) Sphynx project.  I submit this to you, firstly because […]

In your bag No: 1350 – Jef Price

In your bag No: 1350, Jef Price Jef here has an absolutely stunning bag for us to drool over today. Fantastic glass, a great bag, a cool patch and easily my favourite camera ever ever, the X-Pan/TX-1. Damn I wish I still had one. Shooting slide on that beast is an experience. Hey everyone, I’ve […]

Film News: Fujifilm discontinues peel apart instant film

Film News: Fujifilm discontinues peel apart instant film Today we bow our heads, as we acknowledge that Fujifilm is to discontinue their peel apart FP-100 film. It doesn’t really come as that much of a shock, but it is extremely depressing to have to write these updates so frequently. It has already been reported on […]