In your bag 1165, Padraic O’Meara Padraic shares with us his bag which he put together whilst waiting for his wife to get ready. Not half bad for a hastily put together bag shot. Check it out.

Body Language by Daniel Schaefer

Daniel Schaefer returns with a followup to his immensely popular article ‘The Storytellers Kit’. This time discussing what type of body can be used to achieve the look you are aiming for.

In your bag 1164, Martin Martinsson Oops, sorry about that. Looks like we had a double submission there. OK, back on track now, we have a whopper of a bag shot today. Not just a bagshot, but a bunch of camera porn too. Check it out.

Get featured: Geoff Roughton

4 min read

Get Featured: Geoff Roughton Geoff shares with us his work that documents his recovery from a serious medical condition. Tim decided to use photography as part of his rehabilitation and these are the results. Come and check out this very personal series of images.

In your bag 1163, Zachary Mosher Lucky young Zachary has access to some cool gear thank to his dads profession. And he is a skater too, so that ties in nicely with yesterdays post about Tim Kerr. Check this one out.

Art & Photography: Tim Kerr in Tokyo

Art & Photography: Tim Kerr in Tokyo I am always interested in anything photography related, and being a former art student I also love seeing interesting art. So when artist/photographer Tim Kerr told me he would be in Tokyo I thought it might be cool to share with you what Tim does. Check it out.

In your bag 1160, Preston A high school senior that is shooting film? You better believe it. Come and have a look at this fantastically straightforward bag.

Get Featured: Anastasia Petukhova Anastasia shares with us her fascinating piece about trying to capture a ballet group in action and the transition of her work whilst doing so.