JapanCameraHunter T-shirts – New Designs

JapanCameraHunter T-shirts – New Designs JCH T-shirts are going to be the hot new item this summer for the film lover (that is what I am telling myself anyway). And now we have a whole bunch of new designs and new shipping options available so you can get your gear with ease. You remember JCH […]

In your bag No: 1203 – Fabian De Salvo

In your bag No: 1203, Fabian De Salvo Today we delve inside the bag of a gamer and photographer. Fabian De Salvo shares with us his bag from Germany. Check it out. Hi Bellamy and crew : ) I am Fabian De Salvo a German 31 year old guy with Italian parents living near the […]

Jesse’s Book Review – 1991 by Hashiguchi George

Jesse’s book review, 1991 Jesse is back with another review. Moving on a few decades this time, as the last one was 1959. Over to Jesse: 1991-1995 Work possesses a surprising amount of depth for what the content actually is. Compiled over the aforementioned years, photographer Hashiguchi George went to various places of work in Japan […]

In your bag No: 1202 – Pete Johnson

In your bag No: 1202, Pete Johnson Pete shares with us his bag, and his unique view on how his (dis)abilities aid his photographic vision. Shame he didn’t share a site with us, as I would love to see Pete’s work. Nevertheless, here is his super bag. Pete is the name. I’m a short, deaf, […]

Get Featured: Kahren Sabater

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Get Featured: Kahren Sabater

Get Featured: Kahren Sabater Kahren shares with us her work, which makes different and interesting scenes with double exposure. Whilst double exposures are nothing new, I like the way these have been done. There is a very distinct style here. Check this work out. Hi my name is Kahren Sabater, I was born and raised […]

In your bag No: 1201 – Tim Adamson

In your bag No: 1201, Tim Adamson Tim keeps it simple and classy too. Just look at that SL66, isn’t it a beauty? Check out this pure film shooters bag. Hi my name’s Tim and I’m a 21-year old motion designer/videographer from the sunny east coast of Australia. I’m primarily a film shooter, at least […]

Photography: Rescued Memories

Photography: Rescued Memories Recently I have been buying up lots of old film photography memorabilia, and one of the consequences of this is that you often find rolls of old film, sitting around maybe for decades. So far I have found about 50 or more rolls of film, almost all from the USA in the […]

In your bag No: 1200 – Ulf Greger

In your bag No: 1200, Ulf Greger Ulf’s bag has a nice friendly, homely kind of feel to it. I don’t know if it is the waxwear bag or the mishmash of gear inside, but this one is very inviting. Check it out. Hi my name is Ulf Greger and I live in Norway. Has […]

In your bag No: 1199 – Matt Erasmus

In your bag No: 1199, Matt Erasmus Matt is a third time offender. But fortunately for him JCH is an absurdly broken system, so he is is welcomed back with open arms. Come and Check out how Matt’s bags have changed. I’d like to submit my third (and possibly final) bag for you and the […]

Film News: We Wood Film!

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Film News: We Wood Film!

Film News: We Wood Film! We Wood Film! That is the slogan, and whilst you can probably make a number of jokes from the name, the idea itself is pretty cool. Compagnia-Imago is a photo lab in Italy, who have come up with a rather interesting idea. Wooden film canisters. Compagnia-Imago have come up with an […]