In your bag No: 1221 – Jeremy Krumsick

In your bag No: 1221, Jeremy Krumsick It is nice to see a large format camera on the site. We don’t often get people carrying them around. Jeremy carries around a cracking set. Nice and simple, but far from lightweight. Check it out. I shot street for a long time (still do sometimes with a […]

Film News: Film case bundles from CFP

Film News: Film case bundles from CFP If you have not heard of CameraFilmPhoto by now then you may have been frozen partially in time and have just thawed out. Fortunately good old JCH is here to get you up to speed. Vishal at CFP is tirelessly dedicated to getting people out there shooting film. […]

In your bag No: 1220 – Juan Acosta

In your bag No: 1220, Juan Acosta Today we have a bag coming to you from Vietnam. Juan’s brother was on the site with his bag in the past and now Juan is here too, sharing his travel bag which will journey through Vietnam with him. Check it out. Hey Bellamy greetings from Ho Chi […]

JCH News: Hawaii Movienight/Photowalk

JCH News: Hawaii Movienight/Photowalk Now as some of you might know, I am rather fond of going to Hawaii (it is like Malaga for the Japanese) and try to make it out there at least once a year. One of the great things about the islands is the light and the vibrancy of the colours. […]

In your bag No: 1219 – Felix Endres

In your bag No: 1219, Felix Endres It is always nice to see a returnee to JCH. Felix comes back to us after a year away with a new bag and a new look. Some great cameras and a great attitude. Check it out. Hey again! My bag has changed a bit so I thought, […]

Get Featured: Henry Balaszeskul

Get Featured: Henry Balaszeskul Henry has shared his bags with us before, but not his work. Now he has a series about the the Baselworld show to share with us. This interests me not only for the photography, but Baselworld was somewhere I attended in a previous career, so it is interesting to see a […]

In your bag No: 1218 – Andrew Gundershaug

In your bag No: 1218, Andrew Gundershaug We have a bogof bag shot for you today (buy on get one free). Yep, thats right, two bags for the price of one. Andrew shares with us the two bags he takes when travelling. Check them out. I have been a fan of your site for the […]

Camera Geekery: Leica MP Gold 60 Years PRC

Camera Geekery: Leica MP Gold 60 Years PRC As you all know, I am rather fond of a bit of camera geekery and I love finding out about cameras that are wild and different. And this one certainly ticks all of the boxes. Especially if you are into a bit of bling. Check out the […]

In your bag No: 1217 – Giles Smith

In your bag No: 1217, Giles Smith Giles has sent us a double. Not a double bag though. No he has been cool enough to send us a bag shot and his film stash all rolled into one nice post. Check this lot out. Consider this a double entry for SUYF and IYB. I hope […]

JCH news: Cool JCH Fan-Art Advert

JCH news: Cool JCH Fan-Art Advert I get sent a lot of cool things (pictures, shirts, rather unusual candies), some of them I can share with you and others I cannot because the people who made them are shy/secret agents/could lose their jobs etc. But this is one of those things that I actually can […]