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Camera hunter, photographer, camera geek, Tokyoite and Englishman all rolled into one neat package. I have been living and working in Tokyo for 7 years now and love the place. Tokyo is heaven for cameras and I know the secret spots and special places. Let me bring something special to you. I am a camera broker and can find and supply almost anything that people want. So contact me and let me know what I can do for you.

EyeExploreTokyo – Tokyo Photographic tours

EyeExploreTokyo – Tokyo Photographic tours
Recently I was contacted by Axel Deroubaix from EyeExploreTokyo, who told me about his new photographic tours of Tokyo. If you are visiting Tokyo and want to get yourself a photographic tour with local photographers, then you cannot go wrong with an EyExploreTokyo tour. Check it out.
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