Camera Geekery: Dream Lens Custom M3

Camera Geekery: Dream Lens Custom M3 I often get to see some really cool items, and sometimes I like to share them with you too, but I cannot share them all. But then some things come in that just cannot be ignored and I have to show you. This is one of them. A while […]

Show us your film: Woman in Silver

Show us your film : Woman in Silver A few more lovely submissions have come in. But we always need more. Come and check these out and then maybe rummage through yours and share it with the world. Angela Solis Hi Bellamy, After having my bags being featured (bag 15 and 367), I thought it […]

In your bag No: 1186 – Alex

In your bag No: 1186, Alex Recently it seems we have had a whole bunch of really cool user bags. So as not to break that streak Alex shares with us his Nikon-centric bag. The ‘Nikon Manual Focus Setup’. Check it out. Hi! My name is Alex, I’m a mechanical engineer based in Dallas, TX. […]

In your bag No: 1185 – kemal

In your bag No: 1185, kemal  A lovely straightforward setup from Berlin today. It is definitely cool to see a classic minolta being put through its paces. Check this one out. Hello Friends, my name is Kemal and I’m studying Business-Law in Berlin. Before that, I was a volunteer in Israel and thats where my […]

In your bag No: 1184 – Mathieu Lalonde

In your bag No: 1184, Mathieu Lalonde Hello everyone! My name is Mathieu Lalonde, you may remember me from In your bag sections such as No 1021. Winter is over and I am back from hibernation. Living in Canada isn’t easy, and a lot has changed during these few months. For starters, I am now […]

In your bag No: 1183 – David

In your bag No: 1183, David David, that is all I have for a name. But David does have a rather cool bag. Some funky pinhole cameras including one that is gome made. Check this one out. Hello, my name is David! I am from the Philippines but am currently residing in Japan. Seeing all […]

Get Featured: Jesse Roberts

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Get Featured: Jesse Roberts

Get Featured: Jesse Roberts Jesse shares with us his personal project from a trip that he took to Vietnam. Jesse looks at the importance the motorcycle plays in daily life throughout SE Asia. Check it out. My name is Jesse, I live in Fremantle, Australia, and am currently working as an editor for a crowdsource, […]

In your bag No: 1182 – Andrejs Lavrinovičs

In your bag No: 1182, Andrejs Lavrinovičs Andrejs has a cracking bag for us today, all the way from Latvia. Simple and with just the essentials. This is a bag that could go just about anywhere. Check it out. Greetings everyone! My name is Andrejs Lavrinovičs and I’m co-founder of Popper Magazine (Link: and […]

In your bag No: 1181 – Dan Cox

In your bag No: 1181, Dan Cox Dan shares with us a lovely setup. Some books, some cameras and some film. All stuffed into a simple bag. Just what the doctor ordered. My name is Dan Cox, I live in Sheffield, UK, work in a university library and the public archives, shoot street stuff or […]

Things JCH likes

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Things JCH likes

Things JCH likes I get sent lots of lovely things in the post (and some less than lovely ones, the less said about that the better) and if I really like them than I like to give them a JCH seal of approval. Here are some of the things that have caught my eye lately. […]