Write for JapanCameraHunter

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Write for JapanCameraHunter

Write for JapanCameraHunter Do you think you have what it takes to contribute to Japancamerahunter.com? Want to follow the path to fame and fortune*? Yes, you could see your name on JCH, if you have something really important to say. Well, it just so happens that I am looking for contributors to the site. I […]

Get Featured: Hippolyte

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Get Featured: Hippolyte

Get Featured: Hippolyte It is always interesting to see the work of young photographers, and this one is especially interesting to me as the images are taken in a place that I will be in later this month. Hippolyte has managed to capture what I remember nights in Peckham to be. Check it out. After […]

In your bag No: 1238 – Eric Velado

In your bag No: 1238, Eric Velado Who says ‘In your Bag’ is all about fancy Leica’s and whatnot? Here we have a nice little setup which offers up some nice little alternative to bigger names, some classic old Yashica SLR’s. Check it out. Hi, JCH community! My name is Eric Velado and I am […]

In your bag No: 1237 – Michael Duke

In your bag No: 1237, Michael Duke We have a cracking bag for a Sunday. Inside a genuine press reporters bag. Not just a photographer, but a reporter too. Michael carries everything he needs to cover a story. Check this one out. Shalom ya’ll. I’m Michael Duke, a photojournalist, reporter and editor for a Jewish […]

The JCH show: Tokyo Used Camera Fair

The JCH show: Tokyo Used Camera Fair When I make a video, it is like complex Lego set…It takes me bloody ages, but I get there in the end and most of the pieces are there. In the latest instalment of the JCH show, our intrepid reporter takes you on a tour of the most […]

Show us your film: Mad Grain

Show us your film: Mad Grain A few more submissions have trickled in and these are lovely. A collection of lovely films and some images that were taken with them. Fantastic stuff. Come on, get involved and show us your film. Matthieu Deville After submitting a picture of my bags few months ago, I wanted […]

In your bag No: 1236 – David Felix

In your bag No: 1236, David Felix David was on the site not all that long ago. In fact I usually wouldn’t even allow two bags this close to one another. but this one is very well put together and presented. So I will let it slide. Check it out. Hi, I’m David Felix (the […]

Film News: 120 film case bundles from CFP

Film News: 120 film case bundles from CFP A short while back, CameraFilmPhoto teamed up with JCH and knocked out some super film case bundles. Well they proved to be really popular and from the feedback we got people were asking for 120 film bundles too. Well, ask and thou shalt receive. Yes, we have […]

In your bag No: 1235 – John L. Jaeggli

In your bag No: 1235, John L. Jaeggli Today we don’t have a readers bag, but his grandfathers bag! Jacob shares with us the bag that his grandfather carried around Europe in the years after WWII. There is also a fascinating story of a camera taken during the war and returned. I just wish there […]

Grade Select Goods New Gear

Grade Select Goods New Gear I like Grade Select, I think we all know that. So I love it when I get some new goodies in the post. And the new bits that GSG have come up with are pretty awesome. Come and check out what the cool kids are wearing. It is summertime, and […]

In your bag No: 1234 – Joseph Szymanski

In your bag No: 1234, Joseph Szymanski Joseph shares with us not his daily carry bag, but the bag he puts together for long distance, and apparently it has taken him quite a while to find the setup that he really wants to take with him. I know exactly how he feels. Check it out. […]